Twin Beach Haven

Nacpan beach is a long and quite long stretch of beach, with white sands and an adjacent beach connect to it. Hence the nickname twin beach.
It has turquoise water and a perfect tropical view of islands in front.

only located only 35 minutes from Happiness in town.

The way to get to Nacpan is by moving through open jungle roads and waterfalls scenery on the sideways,
and there are 3 ways to transport there are:


  1. motorbike rental

  2. Van Shuttle

  3. Tricycle


each option we can arrange for you.


By Motorbike is for the free-spirited types that don’t want to depend on anyone.

The Van shuttle is for everyone and leaves every hour both ways.

The tricycle is for anyone to take their time at their own pace.

Nacpan beach has also to offer besides the amazing view and chilled environment, You can enjoy Great fresh food served at the local restaurants or at Sanmaui Bar by the beach.
these places will help you to enjoy your time spent there.
For anything else you need to know, just ask, we are available at 

Twin beach

One of Philippines few natural twin beach beauties, Ranked in some of the top beaches in Asia to visit. With a gorgeous Sunset view



Nacpan has fantastic options for eating with many local restaurants serving traditional Filipino cuisine, fresh seafood, and fresh fruit shakes.

Paraw sailing

A traditional Filipino sailing experience, originally built for transportation but now mainly for guests to climb aboard a sailing tradition.


"The best is yet to come."


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