Hello, We are Happiness, We came to
El-Nido a few years ago as tourists like many others we fell in LOVE with the place and decide to call it our home.


Today Happiness has grown into a well known and loved restaurant bar in El nido with a very cool chilled hostel above it,
But actually, Happiness is a state of mind. With GOOD VIBES, POSITIVE ENERGIES which is the first thing we offer our guests, which is “on the house” of course.
Like a true love, We learned every single item, detail and place of El-Nido, For where  the best Food, Dining, Cocktails,Parties,Secret locations are. So we can confidently say that we are one of the greatests tourist spots!
So no matter who you are or where you are coming from, Happiness is within you, Its waiting in El nido for you to come to feel it and spread it.

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Check out  the Classic Island hopping tours, That will make your experience extraordinary! Composed with over 45 extremely beautiful and stunning beaches and coral. These islands are full of stunning fauna and flora as the Attractions are so natural and peaceful. El-Nido is known for having some of the best beaches and islands in the world surrounding it in Bacuit bay.

Islands of El Nido will give you a feeling of 
cosmic beauty with time coming to a stance with surrounding authentic beauty of nature around you.

As if it was born only yesterday and untouched.

For Couples, Honeymooners, Families or backpackers this is the perfect location for all vacationers. 
El Nido will take care of you at its best.



The Happiness Beach Bar offers a great choice of different falafel dishes, all super tasty. Also, the juices and especially the lemongrass ice tea taste super fresh! Music is very chill, we even asked for the Spotify playlist ;) staff very kind, good vibes. 
on top of such a great dinner, the owner made us try his favorite dessert, a coconut strawberry peanut bowl- awesome! Hope we will be back soon!!


Il give them a five-star rating. Food was excellent. Me and my friends had so much fun and Management is amazing, food order was quick and staff was very accommodating and friendly. Definitely, a must visit in El Nido.



Great place! In the very center of El Nido (5min walk from the ferry). Nice restaurant downstairs. Clean rooms and bathroom. And staff very nice and helpful



"This is a friendly reminder that you will only get a limited time on this earth.

Today is a good day to do something great"